A Small Change: The Festival starts on September 29th!

Hello friends!, we had to change our schedule a little bit, but for the best. Now we are starting earlier, on September 29th with our traditional art exhibition. Please check ...

Si SI Cine

Schedule for SI – SI Cine 2015: We love movies!

Time runs fast and the Festival of Images and Words it is almost here. Remember that our celebration of Latin American culture starts on September 29th, and like every year ...


Festival of Images and Words 2015: Meet Daniel Tomasini

He will be the star of the opening day of the Festival of Images and Words. Daniel Tomasini is a very talented Uruguayan painter with an amazing international career and ...

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The Festival of Images and Words: The Official Launch

A few weeks ago, The 23rd Festival of Images and Words was launched with a beautiful party organized by Margarita Feliciano, the festival’s director. During the evening, some of the main events of the upcoming festival were revealed: 1) The Festival will start on September 29 with an art exhibition by Daniel Tomasini, a well renowned Uruguayan artist. […]

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It is official, The 23rd Festival of Images and Words is coming!!

We have been working very hard this year to bring you a great festival and we already have our opening day, October 1st. Keep an eye on us, we’ll be releasing the official festival schedule very soon and we will renovate the look of our site.  

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Antares Celebrates International Book Day: The Sun Never Sets review

On April 23rd, Antares will be adding and presenting three original books to its catalogue to commemorate International Book Day (check info). Here is a review of The Sun Never Sets by Erik Martinez. Erik Martínez is one of Canada’s most original poets. Born in Chile and exiled after the coup d’état against Salvador Allende, he was a […]

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Antares celebrates International Day of the Book: The Writers

During the event we will host on April 23rd, we’ll be presenting the work of three very talented writers: Elaine Vilar, Erik Martinez and Maria del Carmen Silato. Here are details of their productive careers. Elaine Vilar: a talented Cuban playwright, two times winner of the Garzon Cespedes International Award (Spain, 2012 and 2013) and […]

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Antares Celebrates International Day of the Book: Alter Medea Review (In Spanish)

On April 23rd, Antares will be adding and presenting three original books to its catalogue to commemorate International Book Day (check info). Here is a review of Alter Medea by Elaine Vilar (in Spanish). Alter Medea se nos presenta como la huella del mito griego, voz de una antiheroína que todavía se resiste a permanecer enterrada […]

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Antares celebrates the International Day of the Book

ANTARES Publishing House of Spanish Culture is pleased to announce a literary and cultural event in celebration of International Book Day, to be held on April 23, 2014, in the Skyroom of Glendon College’s Centre of Excellence (3rd Floor, York Hall), located at 2275 Bayview Avenue, Toronto. Doors open at 6:00 pm and the activities […]

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Fundraiser: Va por Mireya

Our friend Mireya has been diagnosed with Leukaemia and several Latin American artists are joining their efforts to help by organizing a solidarity fundraiser. The event will take place on March 21st at 200 Augusta in Kensington Market and will host the performances of Henry Vavel, Irma Paredes, Voces Poeticas, DJ del Tigre, Julio Zuviri […]

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